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Technology is growing exponentially with most, if not all, aspects of modern day living. The automotive industry certainly won't get left behind. Next year's car trends are going to be unavoidable, and some may just be a fad, immediately forgotten the year after.

For one, participation from private individuals such as Uberhave changed the shape of transportation in terms of goods and services. In turn, they also have affected those who have worked in transport services for years, a case in point being taxi drivers. Here are a bunch of next year's inevitable auto trends, whether we like it or not.

2017 Auto Trend: Driverless Cars Will Continue to Improve and Prosper

Autonomous functionality would be the keyword here as 2017 will see more and more driverless cars. Adaptive cruise control and self-parking cars are becoming more evident. This technology growth comes toward us like a train without brakes, and we will probably embrace it fully in the years to come. Ford has already announced that they will mass produce self-driving vehicles by 2021. Driverless convoys such as groups of trucks are already deployed in road tests and have produced good results.

2017 Auto Trend: Augmented Reality Will Help with Driver Safety, Car Design, Car Repair

Pokemon GO revolutionized augmented reality (AR) gaming, and it will be a matter of time before everybody else will adapt, including the automotive industry. AR solutions should be surfacing by 2017. As posted more than a year ago, augmented reality applications have come a long way and will be much better by 2017.

2017 Auto Trend: 3D Printing Car Parts Will Save Money and Enhance Safety

3D printing car parts is another 2017 car trend to look forward to in the automotive industry. 3D printers can help consumers save money by printing their own lost plastic socket, fastener and other valuable car parts that are hard to find or very expensive if you decide to get an OEM replacement.

Safety is also covered by this 2017 auto trend of 3D printing carparts. How? By enabling engineers to build a car body that can deliver passengers safely. Here's the catch: it can only be used once, but that's not a problem since you can just print one right away.

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